Human Computer Interaction

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Our paper about the design and field study of an interactive frame for everyday emotion archiving has been accepted to Human Computer Interaction journal - Taylor & Francis, 6.459 (2021) Impact Factor and JCR Q1 in (Computer Science & Methods). Details will be updated soon.

CHI 2023 Paper

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Congratulations! Our work on noise privacy in shared houses using tangible interactive speakers has been accepted to ACM CHI 2023 Papers Track. The paper includes a research product's design, implementation, and field study; the details will be updated soon.

Musée in IwC!!

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Our work on the design and field study of a tangible interactive speaker using music listening history data in collaboration with Prof. Will Odom at SFU has finally been published in the Interacting with Computers Journal (SCIE).

Citation: Sangu Jang, Woojin Lee, Beom Kim, William Odom, Young-Woo Park, Encountering Cover Versions of Songs Derived from Personal Music-Listening History Data: a Design and Field Trial of Musée in Homes, Interacting with Computers, 2022;, iwac027, https://doi.org/10.1093/iwc/iwac027

Musee video: https://vimeo.com/747830822

Paper link: https://academic.oup.com/iwc/advance-article-abstract/doi/10.1093/iwc/iwac027/6693842


Lab’s Research Vision

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People create and consume digital possessions such as photographs, digital music, videos, posts, texts, and documents through smart devices in their daily lives. This behavior has caused an increase in the types and amount of individuals' accumulated data over time, and storing everything "just in case" has made it difficult for people to organize and retrieve the data. Although cloud services and AI make the revisiting experience easy to navigate for particular themes, digital possessions' intangible and indiscriminate nature still affects the limited experiences revisiting individuals' past data. Our research team has investigated ways to provide new designs and interactions using data-driven technologies for meaningful everyday activities, which link to enriching self-reflective experiences. At this point, we utilized everyday objects to show and provide tangible interaction with personal lifelog data to support new experiences in daily life. This video introduces our lab's research vision by showing examples of how people perceive and interact with personal lifelog data (e.g., photos, music listening history, schedules, and reading activity) through everyday artifacts in homes.


Examples of natural encounters include a table clock indicating the beginning of the next schedule in Google Calendar using the movement of the clock hand (a) and a table tray showing only important emails (b). Other examples include a desk lamp that holds the book a user is currently reading, where the time spent reading is shown as the volume of a lampshade (c), or a stool-style cycle that visualizes the pedaling with light and represents the amount of pedaling through the brightness of the light (d). Further examples are a desk lamp that visualizes the representative colors of personal photos (e) and a picture frame that expresses the amount of music consumed by an individual through the shredding of paper song tickets (f).

2 Papers [email protected]’22

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Our works on exploring reminiscence experiences through an interactive wall frame (Slide2Remember) and investigating everyday emotion archiving experiences through a lighting artifact (Lumino) have been accepted to ACM DIS 2022. Congratulations to all authors who participated in the research of the two papers.


field lumino

IASDR 2021

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Three papers have been accepted to IASDR 2021, Hong Kong. Congratulations!! In particular, 1) design and field study of Camue; an interactive artifact that generates physical traces of music consumption, 2) Hand-in-O; an interactive artifact exploring potentials of sensing and constraining the gesture interaction area with the product's outer frame, and lastly 3) artistic visualization of digital calendar data.

1. Kim, B., Kim, N., Yun, G., Jang, S., Kwon, H., Park, Y-W., Physical Traces and Materialization of Songs for Individuals’ Music Participation in Cafés: The Design and Field Studies of CamueIn Proceedings of IASDR'21, Springer. For details: Click here

2. Lee, H., Kim, B., Gim, S., Park, Y-W., Hand-in-O: Exploring Possibilities of Sensing and Constraining the Gestures with the Product's Frame to Provide Light and Sound Feedback. In Proceedings of IASDR'21, Springer. For details: Click here 

3. Jang, S., Park, Y-W., Kim, C., Artistic Visualisation of Personal Data: A Case Study of Digital Scheduler. In Proceedings of IASDR'21, Springer.



Reddot Award 2021

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A design project called "MoMo" about a new audio docent product for art galleries has won Reddot Award 2021! Congratulations! Designers of MoMo are, Sungwon Jang, Jiyoung Lee, Prof. Hwang Kim and Prof. Young-Woo Park. Details are here.



DIS 2021 & iF Award

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Our research about tangible privacy has been accepted and presented at ACM DIS (Designing Interactive Systems) 2021 as a full paper! Congratulations! The paper's title is, "The Trial of Posit in Shared Offices: Controlling Disclosure Levels of Schedule Data for Privacy by Changing the Placement of a Personal Interactive Calendar", and the authors are Nari Kim, Juntae Kim, Bomin Kim and Prof. Young-Woo Park. Details are here.



Also, TOQUE, a pass-box design for Covid-19 quarantine ward pass box has won iF Award 2021, Professional Concept. This work was done in collaboration with Prof. Chajoong Kim's research team (Kwangmin Cho, Minhyuk Choi and Yongjun Park) at UNIST and Prof. Tek-Jin Nam at KAIST; with Nari Kim and Prof. Young-Woo Park of IPD Lab at UNIST.



Interacting w Computers

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Research on the design and field deployment of Maili, an interactive artifact for rematerializing e-mail data and interaction, has been accepted to Interacting with Computers Journal (SCIE). Congratulations! Details are now updated and those are in the following link. http://ipd.unist.ac.kr/works/maili/

Maili IWC

CHI 2021 paper

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Our full paper about the design and field study of an interactive artifact physically representing the intangible audiobook listening experience has been published as an ACM CHI 2021 paper. Congratulations! Authors are Kyung-Ryong Lee, Beom Kim, Junyoung Kim, Prof. Hwajung Hong, and Prof Young-Woo Park. Details are here: Link