Word Of Tie (WOT)

Word Of Tie: A Neck-tie Type Wearable for a Convenient Scheduling and Phone Call

Designers: Kyung-Ryong Lee, Geon-il Goh, Young-Woo Park

Description: As the new smart wearables have been developed in a variety of ways so far, the ways for integrating digital features into garments should be carefully decided due to fundamental inconsistency between electronic parts and clothes which touches the skin. Thus, we investigated the necktie’s characteristics of its place on our body and the space. By using these features, we considered to apply electronic parts to the necktie’s central space, and voice-based interactions due to its place where is close to the mouth. Based on this, we propose Word of Tie (WOT), a necktie-type wearable product which enables convenient scheduling and phone calls through recording and transmitting voices into the user’s smart phone. By connecting the bottom and top part of WOT, the power turns on and immediately connects to the smart phone. When the user softly pushes the side part of the tie with their fingers, it enables voice recording and receiving calls. And when the user want to hear the voices, the wireless earphone which is clipped as a tie-pin to hold the shirt and the necktie is activated. This way prevents inconvenient way of raising arms during calls using smart watches or phones.

Keywords: Wearable; Neck-tie; Electronic Garment; Tangible;