The Trial of Posit in Shared Offices: Controlling Disclosure Levels of Schedule Data for Privacy by Changing the Placement of a Personal Interactive Calendar

DIS 2021, Pages 149–159, https://dl.acm.org/doi/10.1145/3461778.3462073 – Paper

Authors: Nari Kim, Juntae Kim, Bomin Kim, Young-Woo Park

Abstract: When expressing personal data on the displays of personal IoT devices, it is important to be intuitively aware of privacy settings and perform ready-to-hand interactions to respond appropriately to various situations occurring in shared spaces. In this paper, we developed Posit, an interactive calendar in which the disclosure level of schedule content can be changed in three stages according to the object's placement by the user. The results of our three-week in-field study with six participants revealed that Posit's interaction was considered to be a simple way of hiding personal schedules quickly, and we could identify the roles of the positional messages in determining the others’ gazes on displays. Additionally, we confirmed that social relationships and trust between colleagues affect the use of Posit. Our findings imply new opportunities in designing interactions for the management of personal privacy by applying physical state-changing interaction and understanding social factors in shared spaces.

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