MUSICON: A New Type of Record for Reviving Tangiblity to a Music Album

Designers: Kyungjin Kim, Young-Woo Park

Description: As the ways of containing music is becoming intangible through various smart devices, the needs for storing and using the music albums through physical objects are growing. There were traditional Compact Discs (CD), however as the cd players are disappearing and due to its sizes that requires larger spaces, the roles of CDs became unclear these days. Thus, we propose MUSICON, and it is a new type of record that revises tangibility to a music album in current digital-based music market. It aims to replace past CD albums that occupies larger spaces and additional players, which reduces the practical use in current environment. In addition to MUSICON's tangible feature, this new type of record includes an auxiliary jack. Still, most of the current smart devices and cars provide the holes for auxiliary jacks for the users to listen to the music. Also, MUSICON can resolve the complicated music-adding process of the smart phones. By putting MUSICON into the phones or speakers, users can directly listen to the music in the specific album without any set-up. And this feature might help people who are not familiar with using smart devices, and to listen and store the records in more convenient way.

Keywords: Record; Album; Tangible; AUX; Magnet;