Traffico: A Tangible Timetable Delivering Transportation Information between Schedules

June 11–June 13, 2018, Hong Kong, China – ACM DIS 2018 Paper

Authors: Juntae Kim, James A. Self, Young-Woo Park

Abstract: We introduce Traffico, a tangible timetable representing dematerialized schedule and transportation information. It delivers a user's schedules in chronological order along with transportation information between schedules. Placed on the user's desk, Traffico suggests required transportation times using four options-walking, bicycling, bussing, and driving a car-and through an e-ink display. To investigate the advantages that Traffico provides to users, we conducted an in-field study of 10 participants over five days. The results revealed that Traffico supports the planning of moving times in a day through displaying transportation options on each schedule. We also found that Traffico provides better schedule reminders with event notifications in a sequential order, along with rotating interaction for checking events. Through this type of tangible interaction, Traffico provides possibilities to reflect dematerialized digital information into a physical form and to adopt a new way of scheduling and handling time.

Keywords: Tangible Timetable; Schedule; Transportation; Dematerialization;

ACM Classification: H.5.2 Information interfaces and presentation: User interfaces—Input devices and strategies, interaction styles.