DayCube: An Interactive Object for Delivering Daily Information through Five Unique Materials

CHI 2017, May 6–May 11, 2017, Denver, CO, USA – Video Showcase

Authors: Juntae Kim, Boram Noh, Young-Woo Park

Abstract: We introduce DayCube: a personal, interactive object for daily use with five unique materials: brass, concrete, dyed cork, marble, and lumber. DayCube provides three functions through the composed materials. First, when its concrete body is touched, it provides weather information through the specific oscillation sound of three materials. Second, it enables users to hear real-time news. Lastly, it notifies user’s schedules through shape changes of lumber and display. DayCube expected to support the minimization of functions through its different material features, intriguing new visual–tactile interactions with materials, and simplification of checking daily information process. In this way, DayCube can encourage the new, tangible interfaces by promoting an understanding and application of material features.

Keywords: Material; Daily Object; Tangible Interaction;

ACM Classification: H.5.2 Information interfaces and presentation: User interfaces—Input devices and strategies.