AirKing (LG): An Air Managing Robot for Single Person Household

Designers: Yunwoo Jeong, Jiwoo Kim, Kwangmin Cho, Ga-eul Han, Chajoong Kim, Young-Woo Park

Description: The fixed type air care products can't find and move to contaminated space. So, it is inefficient and slow to purge the entire space. So, we suggest intelligent air care robot 'AirKing'. 'AirKing' is a truly innovative air managing robot that combines 'auto-moving air circulation' + 'air cleaner' for single person household. 'AirKing' is designed with three main functions based on field study and user experience. 1) AirKing can find and move to contaminated space, so it is more efficient and faster than purge the entire space. 2) AirKing has freedom of movement because of caterpillar structure, so it is possible to escape hazards in house. 3) It is an innovative concept breaking the fixed type air care products. 'AirKing' will lead healthy and convenient life of user over its market.

Keywords: Air-care; Robota; LG; Air-circulation; Air-cleaning; Home Appliance;