Design Concepts

MoMo (Reddot Award 2021)


MoMo is a new audio docent product for art galleries that includes multiple audio-guide devices placed on each pixel of the wall frame. By taking out an audio guide from the frame, the user can listen to the information of the artwork through the built-in wireless earphones after clicking the rounded circular button placed at the center of the MoMo.

Soldi (Reddot Award, G-Mark 2019)


Soldi is a daily soldering stationery designed for makers who enjoy DIY activities in their daily life.  The station and pen can be used independently, and the plate provides a work space for soldering on any type of desks. Through this, we want to make the soldering experience to be more friendly in everyday lives.

Head Timer Lamp


We have designed a table lamp, called "Head Timer Lamp", which provides users to set time before sleeping. If the user pulls the string and set time, the head part opens based on how much the user had pulled the string. The head part closes as times goes by, and if the user wants to turn of the light right away, s/he can close the head using hands.

Word Of Tie


Word of Tie (WOT) is a necktie-type wearable product that enables easy scheduling and natural phone calls through transmits users’ voice into the smart phone. The design aims to provide seamless voice-to-text memo using the necktie’s form characteristics, and supports safer calls during limited situations by using its unique design components.



MUSICON’s design revives the tangibility of the music album within current smart environment, and resolves complicated music-adding process by simply inserting the object into traditional auxiliary jack. This concept enables design diversification by applying the singers’ characteristics and revive the dead market of tangible music albums through a new way.



‘SinKing’ is a new dishwasher concept for small families such as newlyweds. As ‘SinKing’ is designed to wash the small amount of dishes efficiently, it saved lots of time, water and space compared to traditional dishwasher.

TOQUE (iF Award 2021)


TOQUE is the new concept for a Covid-19 quarantine ward pass box. It enables a two-way passage with UV sterilization and communication functions to aid communication between medical staff and patients in and outside the quarantine ward. Medical staffs are able to check on patients without wearing level-D protective equipment.

stool.D (iF Award 2019)


Stool.D is a combination of stool and cycling machine. Conventional cycling machines, due to their size and design, do not harmonize well with the furniture and eventually harm the beauty of the home. We wanted to solve this problem through the aesthetic and practical combination of stool and cycling machine.


DSC_7438 copy

Scentone is color cube diffuser.  Each blocks have different scent and color. Using the image that be associated with the scent, we matched them to each colors With two blocks, the scent can be physically mixed and separated to create the combination of different scents. Scentone can be used as an interior object in the home and offices.



Pick-O enables users to collect hard-copy contents in a one-handed catch. Its form resembles a slightly tilted graspable wall-lighting, and the scrapping experience can be done when the user grasp the device through bowing-shaped thumb ring and press the button to photograph the contents with the camera inside the device.

Plant Diary, Spark Design Awards (Bronze)

Plant-diary-1 with logo

Plant Diary’s smart, IoT (Internet of Things) technology manages the health of potted plants through design-driven form and material selections. The metaphoric design of Plant Diary’s Sensors reference its purpose, while the concrete material choices of the base-charger and solar panel housing express a more natural product personality.