Papers, Design Awards & Demos


  • DIS 2022 Paper
    + Kim, S., Jang, S., Moon, J., Han, M., Park, Y-W. Slide2Remember: an Interactive Wall Frame Enriching Reminiscence Experiences by Providing Re-encounters of Taken Photos and Heard Music in a Similar Period. In Proceedings of DIS'22. ACM, New York, NY, USA (Accepted)
  • DIS 2022 Paper
    + Kim, D., Jang, S., Kim, B., Park, Y-W. Design and Field Trial of Lumino in Homes: Supporting Reflective Life by Archiving and Showing Daily Moods with Light Colors. In Proceedings of DIS'22. ACM, New York, NY, USA (Accepted)


  • Red Dot Award 2021
    Jang, S., Lee, J., Kim, H., Park, Y-W. MoMo: Audio docent for enhanced exhibition experience, Professional Concept
  • iF Design Award 2021
    Cho, K., Lee, M., Park, Y., Kim, CJ., Kim, N., Park, Y-W., Nam T-J. TOQUE: Covid-19 pass box, Professional Concept
  • DIS 2021 Paper
    Kim, N., Kim, J., Kim, B., Park, Y-W. The Trial of Posit in Shared Offices: Controlling Disclosure Levels of Schedule Data for Privacy by Changing the Placement of a Personal Interactive Calendar paper. In Proceedings of DIS'21. ACM, New York, NY, USA, 149–159.
  • Interacting with Computers
    Kim, J., Self, A, J., Park, Y-W., Investigating Physical Interaction with Digital Data through the Materialization of Email HandlingInteracting with Computers, Volume 32, Issue 5-6, September-November 2020, Pages 457–474, (+ Maili video)
  • CHI 2021 Paper
    + Lee, K-R., Kim, B., Kim, J., Hong, H., Park, Y-W., ADIO: An Interactive Artifact Physically Representing the Intangible Digital Audiobook Listening Experience in Everyday Living Spaces. In Proceedings of CHI '21. ACM, New York, NY, USA, Article 164, 1–12.
  • IASDR 2021 Paper
    + Kim, B., Kim, N., Yun, G., Jang, S., Kwon, H., Park, Y-W., Physical Traces and Materialization of Songs for Individuals’ Music Participation in Cafés: The Design and Field Studies of CamueIn Proceedings of IASDR'21, Springer.
    + Lee, H., Kim, B., Gim, S., Park, Y-W., Hand-in-O: Exploring Possibilities of Sensing and Constraining the Gestures with the Product's Frame to Provide Light and Sound Feedback. In Proceedings of IASDR'21, Springer.
    + Jang, S., Park, Y-W., Kim, C., Artistic Visualisation of Personal Data: A Case Study of Digital Scheduler. In Proceedings of IASDR'21, Springer.
  • Archives of Design Research
    + Jang, S., Lee, S., Dzhoroev, T., Kim, T., Oh, H., Kim, N., & Park, Y-W. (2021). Design Guidelines for Contextual Awareness and Management of Hygiene in Daily Life with Infectious Viruses. Archives of Design Research, 34(3), 101-121. (Paper link)
  • Domestic HCI & Design Conferences
    + 김태윤, 이경호, 박영우., 유튜브 시청 시간 시각화 액자를 통한 사용자 행동 유도 - 최우수상, HCI Korea '21 Creative Award Demo
    + 김준영, 박영우., Meemo: 일상 종이 노트를 디지털화하고 관리해주는 인터랙티브 피지컬 오브젝트 - 우수상, HCI Korea '21 Creative Award Demo
    + 김나리, 박영우., Diffo:형태 변화로 타인의 사물과 소통하는 인터랙티브 디퓨저, HCI Korea '21 Creative Award Interactive Demo
    + 이수환, 이경호, 박영우., 핸드 제스처를 통한 역기능성 뮤직 플레이어, HCI Korea '21 Creative Award Interactive Demos
    + 김나리, 이수환, 오혜진, Termilran, 박영우., 팬데믹 상황에서의 환경 위생 정보 인지 개선을 위한 일상 속 인터랙티브 디자인, 한국디자인학회 학술발표대회


  • Archives of Design Research
    Kim, J., Noh, B., Park, Y-W. (2020). Giving Material Properties to Interactive Objects: A Case Study of Tangible Cube Representing Digital DataArchives of Design Research, 33(3), 55-73, DOI: (+ DayCube video)
  • Digital Creativity
    Noh, B., Jang, S., Kim, K., Park, Y-W., Bringing the colour senses of personal photos to everyday living environment: the design and deployment of a tangible interactive lighting artifact, Digital Creativity, 31:2, 114-132, DOI: 10.1080/14626268.2020.1764978  (LightPalette)
  • DIS 2020 Paper
    Lee, K-R., Ju, S., Dzhoroev, T., Goh, G., Lee, M-H., Park, Y-W., DayClo: An Everyday Table Clock Providing Interaction with Personal Schedule Data for Self-reflection, In Proceedings of DIS'20, ACM Press (Eindhoven, Netherlands, July 6-10, 2020) 
  • CHI 2020 Paper
    Lee, C., Kim, S., Han, D., Yang, H., Park, Y-W., Kwon, B-C., Ko, S., GUIComp: A GUI Design Assistant with Real-Time, Multi-Faceted Feedback , In Proceedings of CHI'20, ACM Press (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, April 25-30, 2020)


  • Red Dot Award 2019
    Lee, KR., Choi, H, Park, Y-W. Soldi - Daily Soldering Stationery, Professional Concept Design (Sep 25, 2019)  
  • G Mark (Good Design) Award 2019
    Lee, KR., Choi, H, Park, Y-W. Soldering Equipment [soldi], Working tools and instruments (Oct 2, 2019)  
  • A' Design Award 2019
    Self, A.J., Park, Y-W, Jung, D, Kim, C., Park, I., Kim, N., Kim, B., Connected Walker, Assitive Navigation (Dec 6, 2019)  
  • Dubai Design Week 2019 GGS
    Lee, KR., Choi, H (Director: Park, Y-W). Soldi: a Soldering StationaryDubai Design Week at Global Grad Show (Dubai Design District (d3), Nov 10-14, 2019).
  • DiseñA Interview Article
    + Park, Y-W., Yoon, J., & Ortiz Nicolás, J. (2019). Exploring Aesthetic Qualities through Data Materialization: Interview with Young-Woo Park. DiseñA, (15), 34-47. Retrieved from this link
  • DIS 2019 Paper
    Jang, S., Kim, S., Noh, B., Park, Y-W. Monomizo: A Tangible Desktop Artifact Providing Schedules from E-ink Screen to Paper, In Proceedings of Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) 2019, ACM Press (San Diego, USA, June 23-28, 2019)
  • DIS 2019 Paper Quetto_Honorable Mention_logo
    Kim, K., Jang, S., Kim, B., Kwon, H., Park, Y-W. muRedder: Shredding Speaker for Ephemeral Musical Experience, In Proceedings of Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) 2019, ACM Press (San Diego, USA, June 23-28, 2019), Honorable Mention Award, Top 2%  (+ demo)
  • iF Design Award 2019
    Park, S., Jo, E., Kim, K., Park, Y-W. stool.D: Cycling-enabled stool. iF Design Award 2019, Professional Concept (Munich, Germany)
  • CHI 2019 Paper
    Ju, S., Lee, K-R., Kim, S., Park, Y-W. Bookly: An Interactive Everyday Artifact Showing the Time of Physically Accumulated Reading Activity , In Proceedings of CHI'19, ACM Press (Glasgow, UK, May 5-10, 2019)
  • IASDR 2019 Paper
    Choi, H., Lee, KR., Park, Y-W., Kim, C. Designing for Improving Sleep Hygiene through the Reflection of Smartphone Awareness with Ambient Lighting, In Proceedings of International Association of Societies of Design Research Conference (IASDR) 2019, (Manchester, UK, Sep 02-05, 2019)
  • HCIK 2019 Creative Award Demos
    + 주소미, 최하연, 박영우. Reely: a device that limits the music playback time - 우수상
    + 김보민, 박영우. Cubisong: 방수천 터치 인터랙션을 가진 야외용 스피커


  • Dubai Design Week 2018 GGS
    + Park, S., Jo, E., Park, Y-W. stool.D: a combination of stool and cycling machine designed for small housesDubai Design Week, Progress Prize Shortlisted (Top 11) at Global Grad Show (Dubai Design District (d3), Nov 13-17, 2018)
  • DIS 2018 Paper
    + Kim, J., Self, A. J., Park, Y-W. Traffico: a Tangible Timetable Delivering Transportation Information between Schedules, In Proceedings of DIS'18, ACM Press (Hong Kong, June 9-13, 2018).
  • HCIK 2018 Creative Award Demos
    + 김승규, 한동윤, 고성안, 박영우. Airscope - 우수상
    + 박원영, 이한별, 박영우. Interactive News Printer - 대상


  • Ubicomp 2017 Demos
    + Lee, K-R., Goh, G., Park, Y-W.
     Quietto: An Interactive Timepiece Molded in Concrete and Milled Wood, Ubicomp'17 Demo, ACM Press (Maui, Hawaii, USA, Sept. 11-15, 2017).
  • DIS 2017 Demos
    + Kim, T., Park, Y-W., Hong, H. Calm Station: An Interactive Perpetual Desk Object that Reduces Digital Distractions, DIS'17 Demo, ACM Press (Edinburgh, UK, June 10-14, 2017)
  • CHI 2017 Paper Quetto_Honorable Mention_logo
    + Lee, K-R., Goh, G., Park, Y-W. Quietto: An Interactive Timepiece Molded in Concrete and Milled Wood, In Proceedings of CHI'17, ACM Press (Denver, CO, USA, May 6-11, 2017)Honorable Mention Award, Top 5%. Paper 
    + Interactivity Research Demo.
  • CHI 2017 Video Showcase
    + Kim, J., Noh, B., Park, Y-W. DayCube: An Interactive Object for Delivering Daily Information through Five Unique Materials, CHI'17 Video Showcase, ACM Press  (Denver, CO, USA, May 6-11, 2017).


  • Spark Design Award 2016
    + Bronze Award, "Plant Diary", 2016 Spark Design Awards, Design Concept (Kim, S., Jang, S., Self, J., Park, Y-W)
  • Spark Design Award 2016
    + Spark Award (best of best), "BabyKing", 2016 Spark Design Awards, Design Concept (Jeong, Y., Kim, J., Kim, J., Kim, C., Park, Y-W)
  • SpaceOps 2016 Paper
    + Kim, H., Park, Y-W., Baker, E., Adams, J., Fong, T. Design Issues for Real-Time Remote Robotic Science Operations, 14th International Conference on Space Operations, AIAA (the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) (2016).
  • CHI 2016 Video Showcase
    + Jeong, Y., Noh, B., Park, Y-W. SATURNO: a Shadow-Pushing Lamp for Better Focusing and Reading, CHI'16 Video Showcase, ACM Press (San Jose, CA, USA, May 7-12, 2016).
  • Archives of Design Research
    + Park, Y-W., Bae, S-H., Nam, T-J. Design for Sharing Emotional Touches during Phone Calls: A Quantitative Evaluation of Four Tactile Representations, Archives of Design Research, 29(2), 95-107 (2016).


  • CHI 2015 Paper
    + Park, Y-W., Park, J., Nam, T-J. The Trial of Bendi in a Coffeehouse: Use of a Shape-Changing Device for a Tactile-Visual Phone Conversation, In Proceedings of CHI'15, ACM Press (Seoul, South Korea, April 18-23, 2015), 2181-2190.
  • TEI 2015 Paper
    + Kim, J., Park, Y-W., Nam, T-J. BreathingFrame: An Inflatable Frame for Remote Breath Signal Sharing, In Proceedings of TEI'15, ACM Press (Palo Alto, CA, USA, Jan. 16-19, 2015), 109-112
  • CHI 2015 Video Showcase
    + Park, Y-W., Park, J., Nam, T-J. Bendi: Shape-Changing Device for a Tactile-Visual Phone Conversation, CHI'15 Video Showcase, ACM Press Seoul, South Korea, April 18-23, 2015), 181.
  • HRI 2015 LBR
    + Baker, E., Adams, J., Fong, T., Kim, T., Park, Y-W. Shared Displays for Remote Rover Science Operations, In HRI 2015 Late Breaking Report, ACM Press (Portland, USA, Mar 2-5, 2015)

2008 ~ 2014

  • CHI 2014 Paper
    + Park, J., Park, Y-W., Nam, T-J. Wrigglo: Shape-Changing Peripheral for Interpersonal Mobile Communication, In Proceedings of CHI'14, ACM Press (Toronto, Canada, 2014), 3973-3976.
  • CHI 2014 Video Showcase
    + Park, J., Park, Y-W., Nam, T-J. Wrigglo: Shape-Changing Peripheral for Interpersonal Mobile Communication, CHI'14 Video Showcase, ACM Press (Toronto, Canada, 2014), 189-190.
  • CHI 2014 Interactivity
    + Park, J., Park, Y-W., Nam, T-J. Wrigglo: Shape-Changing Peripheral for Interpersonal Mobile Communication, CHI'14 Interactivity Demo, ACM Press (Toronto, Canada, 2014), 599-602.
  • CHI 2013 Paper
    + Park, Y-W., Baek, K-M., Nam, T-J. The Roles of Touch during Phone Conversations: Long-Distance Couples' Use of POKE in Their Homes, In Proceedings of CHI'13, ACM Press (Paris, France, 2013), 1679-1688.
  • CHI 2013 Video Showcase
    + Park, Y-W., Nam, T-J. POKE: A New Way of Sharing Emotional Touches during Phone Conversations, CHI'13 Video Showcase, ACM Press (Paris, France, 2013), 2859-2860.
  • Book
    + Nam, T-J., Lee, S., Park, Y-W., Min, H., Baek, K-M., Kim, H. UX for Mobile Software Platform, KAIST Press & Research Center for Mobile SW Platform, ISBN: 978-89-89453-62-8, 11/15/2013, 255 pages
  • CHI 2012 Note
    + Park, Y-W., Bae, S-H., Nam, T-J. How Do Couples Use CheekTouch Over Phone Calls?, In Proceedings of CHI'12, ACM Press (Austin, Texas, 2012), 763-766.
  • KSDS Journal
    + Bae, J., Park, Y-W., Seok, J., Kwon, E., Nam, T-J. Taxonomy of Design Research focused on Enhancement of Connection between Design Practice and Research, Journal of Korean Society Design Science, vol 25, no 2, 2012. 05, 309-320.
  • Interactions Demo Hour
    + Park, Y-W., Hwang, S., Nam, T-J. Poke, Demo Hour, ACM Interactions Magazine, Volume 19 Issue 3, May + June 2012, 8-9.
  • IASDR 2011 Paper
    + Park, Y-W., Nam, T-J. Role of Touch for Enriching Remote Interpersonal Interactions over Digital Products, In Proc. International Association of Societies of Design Research (IASDR) 2011.
  • UIST 2011 Poster
    + Park, Y-W., S, Hwang., Nam, T-J. Poke: Emotional Touch Delivery through an Inflatable Surface over Interpersonal Mobile Communications, In Adjunct Proc. User Interface Software and Technology (UIST) 2011, ACM Press (Santa Barbara, CA, USA, 2011), 61-62.
  • CHI 2010 WIP
    + Park, Y-W., Lim, C-Y., Nam, T-J. CheekTouch: An Affective Interaction Technique while Speaking on the Mobile Phone, In Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) 2010, ACM Press (Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 2010), 3241-3246.
  • ACE 2008 Demos
    + Go, G., Han, S., Lee, J., Choi, Y., Sun, B., Park, Y-W., Lim, C-Y. Hanmadang: entertainment systems for massive face-to-face interaction, In Proc. International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology (ACE) 2008, ACM Press (2008).