SinKing (LG): A Dishwasher for Small Household

Designers: Yunwoo Jeong, Young-Woo Park, Chajoong Kim, Kyungryong Lee, Sungwon Jang, Woojin Lee, Jaehee Kim, Kicheol Yuk

Description: The average of 6~7 dishes are used for a meal in a small family composed of 1~2 members. However, the minimum number of dishes to be washed at a once by the traditional compact dishwasher is over 50 dishes. Consequently, when small household use the traditional compact dishwasher, an enormous inefficiency of use is happen which causes waste of water and poor hygiene. To solve the problem, we suggest “SinKing”. ‘SinKing’ is a new dishwasher concept for small families such as newlyweds. As ‘SinKing’ is designed to wash the small amount of dishes efficiently, it saved lots of time, water and space compared to traditional dishwasher. ‘SinKing’ replace all about of management of dishes by automatic washing, dry and sterilization. 4 main functions were defined as follows: 1] General / Dual Mode : It has two trays to use them depending on the number of dishes to be washed. 2] Automatic Moving Tray : Moving trays up and down automatically for convenient putting on and out the dishes. 3] Dry / UV Sterilization : Managing the dishes after washing by dry and UV sterilization 4] Smart Detergent Container : Proper amount of detergent put inside at a time automatically.

Keywords: Dishwasher; Robota; LG; Automatic Washing; Home Appliance; Dual; UV Sterilization;