The Trial of Bendi in a Coffeehouse: Use of a Shape-Changing Device for a Tactile-Visual Phone Conversation

CHI 2015, April 18–23, 2015, Seoul, Korea – Paper presentation, Video Showcase

Authors: Young-Woo Park, Joohee Park, Tek-Jin Nam

Abstract: We present Bendi, a shape-changing device for a tactile-visual phone conversation. Bendi enables users to deliver shape-changing movements (e.g., upward or downward bending, left or right tilting, and shrinking) from the user’s joystick input to the other party’s device in real time during phone conversations. We conducted a user study to observe how seven couples used it over three days in a coffeehouse. Our field trial of Bendi in a coffeehouse showed the private and natural uses, and integrated uses of tactile and visual expressions along with the uses of the vocabularies developed through Bendi. In addition, there were active uses even in negative and serious conversational context with its pleasant tactile feelings and movement representations. Lastly, we discuss issues for the future designs and real-world deployment of shape-changing mobile devices for daily use.

Keywords: Shape-changing interface; Tactile-visual; Coffeehouse; Phone conversation

ACM Classification: H.5.2 [Information Interfaces and Presentation (e.g., HCI)]: User Interfaces, Haptic I/O.

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