Pick-O: A Graspable Pendant-type Interior Element for Collecting Hard-copy Contents in Off-line Bookstores 

Designers: Minchae Kim, Yunwoo Jeong, Young-Woo Park

Description: Pick-O is a pendant-type device that enables users to collect hard-copy contents in a one-handed catch. Online contents are easy to find and collect, however the articles and images contained in hard copies are trapped in bookshelves and wrapped with a cover. The idea of Pick-O started from solving this problem by designing a product that can scrap covered contents. Pick-O’s visual form resembles a graspable wall-lighting with carefully designed titled angle and bowing-shaped thumb ring. When the user grasp the device, the shooting button positioned at the opposite side of the thumb ring can be easily pressed by the user to acquire (photograph) the contents with the optimally placed camera inside the device with the support of the LED light. The titled angle of the form makes users to look down a screen that shows the photographed content, and the convex lens on the display magnifies the contents for better vision. The red cable that penetrates into the body of the form enables intuitive gripping along with providing spaces for wires for the electronic parts inside the body. Through its distinctive design, Pick-O has a potential to provide users a new experience of catching contents from the off-line world.

Keywords:  Scrap; Bookstore; Pendant-type; Camera; Wall-lighting; Graspable; Hard-copy;