Slide2Remember: an Interactive Wall Frame Enriching Reminiscence Experiences by Providing Re-encounters of Taken Photos and Heard Music in a Similar Period

ACM DIS 2022, June 13–17, 2022, Australia – Paper presentation

Authors: Subin Kim, Sangsu Jang, Jin-young Moon, Minjoo Han, Young-Woo Park

Abstract: The abundance of easily captured digital media and storing everything "just in case" has made it difficult for people to revisit them and have a rich reminiscence experience. To reinstate this value, we developed Slide2Remember, a wall photo frame enabling people to re-encounter their histories of digital photos and music. By physically sliding the device's front cover, users can hear songs that they had listened to in the same period when the photo was taken. From our four-week in-field study with 7 participants, we showed how Slide2Remember supported narrative remembering experiences of past moments and found detailed roles of each medium in the recall of life events. Moreover, the sliding interaction encouraged participants to begin their retrospection with anticipation and curiosity. Our findings imply considerations for providing a new recalling experience by overlaying one digital possession type over another and ways to encounter past data in everyday living spaces.


Paper Presentation: 10min

Prototype Demo Video