Airscope: A Tangible Device for Exploring Fine Dust of Cities Around the World

Jan. 31 ~ Feb. 2, 2018, Excellence Prize (우수상), HCI Korea 2018 Creative Award 

Authors: Seungkyu Gim, Dongyoon Han, Sungahn Ko, Young-Woo Park

Abstract: We introduce Airscope, a tangible navigation device that enables users to see the real-time fine dust of major cities around the world. Despite the health issue from fine dust is arising, various existing applications of smart devices only deliver the air quality information through numbers and emoticons. Thus, it is difficult for users to be intuitively aware of the severity of fine dust. Through the transparent display positioned at the circular-shaped Airscope, it visualizes the current fine dust particles (PM 2.5) of a city based on the user’s selection from the world map. If the users want to see the information of another location, they can simply grab the device and explore the cities by moving the device. Airscope enables a more intuitive understanding of the air quality, through augmenting the density of fine dust in a specific city on the current space.

Keywords: Interaction design; Tangible device; Fine dust; Air quality; Transparent display;

Press release

+ UNIST News Center (KOR/ENG), 참신한 인간-컴퓨터 소통법!… ‘HCI Korea 2018’ 수상, 박원영‧이한별 학생과 박영우 교수팀, ‘인터랙티브 뉴스 프린터’로 대상, 김승규‧한동윤 학생과 박영우‧고성안 교수팀, ‘에어스코프’로 우수상
+ 연합뉴스,  UNIST 학생팀, 인간-컴퓨터 상호작용 학술대회 대상·우수상 (최신 뉴스 캡처해 엽서로 출력·미세먼지 농도 시각화 기술 개발)
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