Stubbi: an Interactive Device for Enhancing Remote Text and Voice Communication in Small Intimate Groups through Simple Physical Movements

DIS 2023, July 2023, Pages 1773–1788 – Paper

Authors: Jin-Young Moon, Nari Kim, Geonil Goh, Kyung-Ryong Lee, Hansol Kim, and Young-Woo Park

Abstract: The remote communication within intimate groups can be challenging due to lack of or excessive of non-verbal messages, which lack physicality. In this paper, we introduce Stubbi, a device designed to enhance remote text and voice communication in small intimate groups by enabling the exchange of simple physical movements. Each group member is equipped with Stubbi, which consists of three stubs that represent each person and enable the expression of physical movements through height changes and rotation. Our in-lab study involving six groups of three friends revealed that Stubbi effectively maintained the flow of IM conversations by increasing attentiveness and responsiveness. Additionally, in group voice calls, the exchange of personified messages through physical movements of the stubs assisted group interactions, such as turn-taking. Our findings suggest faurther implications for designing interactive systems that can support improved remote communication by seamlessly connecting IM and voice call conversations for small intimate groups.

Paper Link (ACM Digital Library)

Stubbi Prototype Video