Exploring Possibilities of Sensing and Constraining the Gestures with the Product's Frame to Provide Light and Sound Feedback.

IASDR 2021, December 5–9, 2021, Hong Kong, PolyU School of Design – Paper presentation

Authors: Hanbyul Lee, Beom Kim, Seungkyu Gim, Young-Woo Park

Abstract: The invisibility of a physical outline to constrain users within an area for conducting their gesture commands frequently results in making errors, which may further affect the less use of the gesture inputs. In this, despite the advantages of gestural user interface (UI), those were rarely used in our home electronics. This paper explores the possibilities of sensing and constraining the gesture interaction through the design, development, and user study of a research prototype called Hand‐in‐ O. It is a device that constrains users in performing gestures by moving the hands inside of the frame to provide light and sound feedback. Using this, we conducted use experience exploration and a design workshop upon twenty‐one participants. From the study, we could obtain categories for suggested usages of Hand‐in‐O in household contexts. Furthermore, using the frame form's affordance, we found it may attract users' curiosity about performing gesture interactions to control various media in homes.

Keywords: gesture interaction; frame interface; light; sound control; physical constraints

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