Wrigglo: Shape-Changing Peripheral for Interpersonal Mobile Communication

CHI 2014, April 26–May 1, 2014, Toronto, Canada – Note presentation, Interactivity and Video showcase

Authors: Joohee Park, Young-Woo Park, Tek-Jin Nam

Abstract: We introduce Wrigglo, a shape-changing smart phone peripheral that allows pairs of users to share wriggling movements with one another. Attached to a smart phone, Wrigglo captures the sender’s motions and activates the receiver’s Wrigglo which repeats the motion simultaneously. The result of our in-lab use observation with twelve couples showed that Wrigglo supported emotional and functional roles of body gestures and postures, creating vocabularies related to the motion of specific body parts and, to some extent, reflected the connected user’s presence through the device’s movement. Through its peripheral anthropomorphization, Wrigglo can deliver new forms of telepresence by embodied posturing and gesturing in mobile communication.

Keywords: Shape-changing, Mobile peripheral, Remote communication

ACM Classification: H.5.2. [Information Interfaces and Presentation (e.g., HCI)]: User interfaces—Input devices and strategies, interaction styles.

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