IASDR 2021

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Three papers have been accepted to IASDR 2021, Hong Kong. Congratulations!! In particular, 1) design and field study of Camue; an interactive artifact that generates physical traces of music consumption, 2) Hand-in-O; an interactive artifact exploring potentials of sensing and constraining the gesture interaction area with the product's outer frame, and lastly 3) artistic visualization of digital calendar data.

1. Kim, B., Kim, N., Yun, G., Jang, S., Kwon, H., Park, Y-W., Physical Traces and Materialization of Songs for Individuals’ Music Participation in Cafés: The Design and Field Studies of CamueIn Proceedings of IASDR'21, Springer. For details: Click here

2. Lee, H., Kim, B., Gim, S., Park, Y-W., Hand-in-O: Exploring Possibilities of Sensing and Constraining the Gestures with the Product's Frame to Provide Light and Sound Feedback. In Proceedings of IASDR'21, Springer. For details: Click here 

3. Jang, S., Park, Y-W., Kim, C., Artistic Visualisation of Personal Data: A Case Study of Digital Scheduler. In Proceedings of IASDR'21, Springer.