'17 LG H&A 산학장학생

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연구실 노보람 석사과정 학생이 높은 경쟁률을 뚫고, LG H&A 본부 2017년 산학장학생으로 선발 되었습니다. 노보람 학생은 석사과정 1년 동안 LG로 부터 매달 장학금을 지급 받게되며, 졸업 후 LG H&A 본부로 즉시 입사하게 됩니다. 축하합니다!

Boram Noh, who is our first master student of IPD Lab. has been selected as '17 LG H&A scholarship student through high competition. She will receive a scholarship from LG every month for the second year of the master period, and will join LG H&A headquarters right after graduation. Congratulations!

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[P1] 노보람, 정연우, 박영우., 사용자의 제스쳐를 이용하여 제어되는 조명장치 (Lighting device controlled using a user's gesture) (Filed No. 10-2017-0055663, Korea Patent) - SATURNO

[V2] Kim, J., Noh, B., Park, Y-W. DayCube: An Interactive Object for Delivering Daily Information through Five Unique Materials, CHI'17 Video Showcase, ACM Press (2017)

[V1] Jeong, Y., Noh, B., Park, Y-W. SATURNO: a Shadow-Pushing Lamp for Better Focusing and Reading, CHI'16 Video Showcase, ACM Press (2016)


uGlass: Handheld Augmented Reality Glass, '16.5 ~ '17.8, Role: PM & Product Design