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    IPD Lab.

    IPD Lab explores ways for expressing and physically interacting with personal data through the form of everyday objects.

    Our lab mainly goes through the industrial design process, technical implementation, and field study to realize our vision; and results are mostly published in ACM CHI & DIS along with HCI-related journals.
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    IPD works: 2015 to 2022

    Research fields

    + Human-Computer Interaction
    + Tangible interaction
    + Personal data as design material
    + Future everyday things
    + Data physicalization
    + Aesthetic interaction qualities
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    Research Methods

    Research topics using RtD

    + Tangible representation of daily activities for self-reflection
    + Reminiscence from creative encounters with personal digital possessions
    + Interaction with data through new material properties
    + Ephemerality of physicalized digital media
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    Design Examples

    Everyday things as a medium for tangible interaction with personal data

    Examples of a person interacting with lifelog data (e.g., schedule, reading activity, pedaling, photos, digital music, and emails) through everyday artifacts (e.g., clock, tray, stool, lamp, and frame) in home. Each artifact is showing the amount/status of a certain user’s lifelog data.
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News -

IPD Lab.


Human Computer Interaction

March 29, 2023 - IPD

Our paper about the design and field study of an interactive frame for everyday emotion archiving has been accepted to Human Computer Interaction journal - Taylor & Francis, 6.459 (2021) Impact Factor and JCR Q1 in (Computer Science & Methods). Details will be updated soon.

CHI 2023 Paper

January 15, 2023 - IPD

Congratulations! Our work on noise privacy in shared houses using tangible interactive speakers has been accepted to ACM CHI 2023 Papers Track. The paper includes a research product's design, implementation, and field study; the details will be updated soon.

Musée in IwC!!

September 9, 2022 - IPD

Our work on the design and field study of a tangible interactive speaker using music listening history data in collaboration with Prof. Will Odom at SFU has finally been published in the Interacting with Computers Journal (SCIE). Citation: Sangu Jang, Woojin Lee, Beom Kim, William Odom, Young-Woo Park,...

Lab’s Research Vision

May 24, 2022 - IPD

People create and consume digital possessions such as photographs, digital music, videos, posts, texts, and documents through smart devices in their daily lives. This behavior has caused an increase in the types and amount of individuals' accumulated data over time, and storing everything "just in...

ACM CHI 2021

ACM CHI 2021

We presented our paper introducing the design work called ADIO and its field study results, at ACM CHI 2021.


ACM DIS 2022

ACM DIS 2022

We will present the design and field study results of Lumino and Slide2Remember at ACM DIS 2022.


IASDR 2021

IASDR 2021

Our research about public ephemeral TUI and gesture interaction - Camue and Handin'O were introduced at IASDR'21 .