Interactive Objects

This page introduces design projects of interactive objects that members of IPD Lab. have leaded so far. Mostly, they are design and implementation of interactive products, and presented at ACM CHI, TEI and Interactions. If you want to see details of each projects then please click the images or follow the paper / video links.

Traffico, DIS 2018 Paper

Traffico DIS18.mp4_000161962

Authors: Juntae Kim, James A. Self, Young-Woo Park

Traffico: A Tangible Timetable Delivering Transportation Information between Schedules, DIS'18 Paper, ACM Press, Hong Kong, China
Paper Link


DayCube, CHI 2017 Video Showcase


Authors: Juntae Kim, Boram Noh, Young-Woo Park

DayCube: An Interactive Object for Delivering Daily Information through Five Unique Materials , CHI'17 Video Showcase, ACM Press, Denver, CO, USA | Video Link

SATURNO, CHI 2016 Video Showcase


Authors: Yunwoo Jeong, Boram Noh, Young-Woo Park

SATURNO: a Shadow-Pushing Lamp for Better Focusing and Reading, CHI'16 Video Showcase, ACM Press, San Jose, CA, USA | Video Link


Wrigglo, CHI 2014 Note, Interactivity, VS


Authors: Joohee Park, Young-Woo Park, Tek-Jin Nam

Wrigglo: Shape-Changing Peripheral for Interpersonal Mobile Communication, CHI'14 Note, Interactivity, Video Showcase, ACM Press, Toronto, Canada | Paper Link

+ Patent issued (Rep. of Korea)
+ Samsung HumanTech Paper Award (Silver Prize)

CheekTouch, CHI 2012 Note


Authors: Young-Woo Park, Seok-Hyung Bae, Tek-Jin Nam

How Do Couple Use CheekTouch over Phone Calls?, ACM Press, CHI'12 Note, Texas, USA | Paper Link

+ Patent issued (Rep. of Korea)


우수상_에어스코프_2_실시간미세먼지파티클을사용자환경에 증강하여보여줌

Authors: 김승규, 한동윤, 고성안, 박영우

Airscope: A Tangible Device for Exploring Fine Dust of Cities Around the World
Excellence Prize (우수상), HCI Korea 2018 Creative Award | Video Link


Quietto, CHI 2017 Paper & Interactivity


Authors: Gyung-Ryong Lee, Geon-il Goh, Young-Woo Park

Quetto_Honorable Mention_logo Quietto: An Interactive Timepiece Molded in Concrete and Milled Wood, CHI'17 Note, Interactivity, ACM Press, Denver, CO, USA,
Honorable Mention Award, Top 5% | Paper Link


Bendi, CHI 2015 Paper, Video Showcase


Authors: Young-Woo Park, Joohee Park, Tek-Jin Nam

The Trial of Bendi in a Coffeehouse: Use of a Shape-Changing Device for a Tactile-Visual Phone Conversation, CHI'15 Paper, Video Showcase, ACM Press, Seoul, Korea | Paper Link
+ Patent issued (Rep. of Korea)

POKE, CHI 2013 Paper, Video Showcase


Authors: Young-Woo Park, Kyoung-Min Baek, Tek-Jin Nam

The Roles of Touch during Phone Conversations: Long-Distance Couples’ Use of POKE in Their Homes, CHI'13 Paper, Video Showcase, ACM Press, Paris, France | Paper Link

+ Patent issued (Rep. of Korea)
+ Interactions 2012, May+June, Demo hour

BreathingFrame, TEI 2015, Short Paper


Authors: Jina Kim, Young-Woo Park, Tek-Jin Nam

BreathingFrame: An Inflatable Frame for Remote Breath Signal Sharing, TEI'15 Short Paper, ACM Press, Stanford, USA | Paper Link