Prof. Young-Woo Park



Welcome to Interactive Product Design Lab. IPD Lab. is a research lab affiliated to ID, CDE & School of Design and Human Engineering at UNIST. Our lab’s primary activity is to design and realize future interactive products through investigating aesthetic form & materials, along with design of novel interactions. Our research converge product design, physical computing and programming knowledge & skills to in order to develop new interactive products for better user experience. There are some representative design examples in the 'Portfolio' page that you can refer to. For instance, an interactive timepiece molded in concrete and milled wood - called 'Quietto', and 'POKE' which uses volume inflatable surface for tactile communication during calls, and there are 'Bendi' and 'Wrigglo', which uses shape-changes for tactile-visual communication. Academic papers or patents on our interaction design research have been published mostly in ACM CHI, DIS and TEI which are some of the premier conference proceedings in the Interaction Design and HCI field.
ACM CHI 2020 Associate Chair, Design Subcommittee
ACM CHI 2019 Associate Chair, Design Subcommittee
ACM DIS 2018 Associate Chair, Technological Innovation Subcommittee
한국디자인학회 대학생 학술대회 부문 이사 (2018 ~ 2019)
HCI Korea 2018 Creative Award Co-Chair (2018)

ACM CHI'17, DIS'19 Honorable Mention Award
iF Design Award '19, Red Dot Award '19

  • Assistant Professor | Industrial Design (ID) | Graduate School of Creative Design Engineering (CDE) | School of Design and Human Engineering (DHE)
  • Email:
  • Phone: (052)217-2734
  • Address: Engineering Bldg 2 (104 dong), 1001-1 (Office), 907 (Lab)
  • Nationality: Republic of Korea


Assistant Professor (June 2015 ~ Current)
Industrial Design | CDE |
School of Design and Human Engineering, UNIST

NASA-KAIST Postdoctoral Researcher (Aug 2014 ~ May 2015)
NASA Ames Research Center, Intelligent Robotics Group (IRG), Moffett Field, CA, USA

Postdoctoral Researcher (Mar 2014 ~ June 2014)
Mobile Software Platform Center, KAIST


Ph.D., Department of Industrial Design, KAIST (2014) Design Research Laboratory
Advisor: Tek-Jin Nam (
Thesis: “Tactile Phone Conversation”

M.S., Digital Media Design, GSCT, KAIST (2010)
Digital Media Design Laboratory

Advisor: Chang-Young Lim & Tek-Jin Nam
Thesis: “CheekTouch”

B.S., Information & Computer Engineering, Digital Media (Visual Design), Ajou University (2008)

Funded Research Projects

  • IoT Product Design: Cues for Memory Enhancement in Dementia Sufferers, UNIST (01/2018 ~ Current) (2 years) Role: Co-PI
  • Development of IoT objects for correcting smartphone dependent information acquisition, NRF MSIP (03/2017 ~ Current) (3 years) Role: PI
  • Collaborative Augmented Research Laboratory, UNIST (03/2017 ~ 12/2017 ) Role: Co-PI
  • Adaptive on-board autonomous vehicle platform, UNIST (03/2017 ~ 12/2017 ) Role: Co-PI
  • uGlass, UNIST (02/2016 ~ 12/2017 ) (2 year interdisciplinary project) Role: PI (Principal Investigator)
  • LG Future Home Appliances, Robota, LG (03/2016 ~ 11/2016) Role: Co-PI
  • Natural Wearable Research Group, UNIST (07/2015 ~ 12/2015) Role: Co-PI
  • UX-led Mobile Software Platform, Ministry of Knowledge Economy (01/2012 ~ 11/2013) Role: Novel UX concept generation and physical prototyping
  • CheekTouch: An Affective Interaction Technique using Touch Behaviors and Vibrotactile Feedback, Idea Factory, KAIST Institute (07/2011 ~ 02/2012) Role: Design and Implementation of CheekTouch
  • Gesture Design, Golfzone (10/2010 ~ 01/2011) Role: Gesture UX design
  • MINT Future TV Project, LG Electronics (06/2009 ~ 11/2009) Role: Future TV UX concept generation, user research through technology probe method, and semi-working prototyping implementation for future TV UX
  • Mobile UX Research, Samsung Electronics (06/2008 ~ 02/2009) Role: Future mobile UX scenario building, UI & and interaction design and demo prototyping
  • Massive Face-to-face Interaction Using Mobile Phone – “You Be a Player!,” UbiPlay Project, City of Daejeon, Korea (05/2008 ~ 08/2008) Role: Mobile interaction design, UI design, and game software implementation


  • Red Dot Award 2019
  • Honorable Mention Award, "muRedder", ACM DIS 2019
  • iF Design Award 2019, "stool.D", Professional Concept
  • Grand Prize, "Interactive News Printer", Creative Award, HCI Korea 2018
  • Exellence Prize, "Airscope", Creative Award, HCI Korea 2018
  • Honorable Mention Award, "Quietto", ACM CHI 2017
  • Bronze Award, "Plant Diary", 2016 Spark Design Awards, Design Concept
  • Spark Award (best of best), "BabyKing", 2016 Spark Design Awards, Design Concept
  • Silver Prize (Computer Science & Engineering Subcommittee), "Wrigglo", 2014 Samsung HumanTech Paper Award
  • Conference Chair Prize, "CheekTouch", 2010 Creative Invention Contest, KIPA (Korea Invention Promotion Association), Seoul, Korea (Conference Name: The Institute of Electronics Engineers of Korea)

Invited Talks

  • Design of Interactive Objects with Concrete, Wood and Acrylics, 2017, KAIST, HCI Group (12/2017)
  • Design-led Research: Investigation of Materials and Delicate Interactions, 2016 KSDS Fall Conference (한국디자인학회), Tutorial Session (11/2016)
  • Applying a Faculty Position after Ph.D., id KAIST Ph.D. Colloquium, Daejeon, KAIST (08/2015)
  • Designing Future Communications with Wearables, LG Electronics MC Research Center (7.1, 8, 22/2015)
  • Tactile Phone Conversation, IRG Minitalk, NASA Ames Research Center (10/2014)
  • Bendi: a way of tactile and visual phone conversation through bodily shape transformations, KSE Pervasive Computing, KAIST (06/2014)
  • Tactile Phone Conversation: A New Notion of Phone Conversation, TEDxKAIST, Daejeon, KAIST (01/2014)
  • “Only One” idea for better user experience, Department of Digital Design, Univ. of Daegu Catholic (05/2011)
  • POKE, Digital Communication, Culture Technology, KAIST (04/2011)
  • Introduction of a Mediating Touch Device and Interaction Technique, Digital Communication, Culture Technology, KAIST (04/2010)

Program Committee

  • ACM CHI 2020, Associate Chair, Design sub-committee
  • ACM CHI 2019, Associate Chair, Design sub-committee
  • 한국디자인학회 대학생 학술대회 부문 이사 (2018 ~ 2019)
  • ACM DIS 2018, Program Committee (AC) in Technological Innovation sub-committee
  • HCI Korea 2018, Co-Chair of Creative Award (Students)

Conference Session Chair

  • Session: Fingers, Gestures & Bodies | Animals & Wilderness, ACM DIS 2018
  • Session: Smart Devices, HCI Korea 2018
  • Session: Design Methodology, 한국디자인학회 가을 학술대회 2016
  • Session: Tutorial Session B, 한국디자인학회 봄 국제학술대회 2016 (Design driven start-up)
  • Session: Visual Communication, Eeum: Design Connects, International Design Congress 2015

Paper Review & Jury

  • CHI (SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems) Paper, Note and WIP Reviewed ('10~'19), Student Design Competition Juror ('17)
  • TEI (Tangible Embedded Interaction) Paper, WIP Reviewed ('12~'19)
  • DIS (Designing Interactive Systems) Paper Reviewed ('12, '16~'18)
  • Archives of Design Research Journal Paper Reviewed ('15~'18)
  • UbiComp (IMWUT) Paper Reviewed ('16~'18)
  • HCI Korea Paper Reviewed ('16~'18)
  • EuroHaptics Full Paper Reviewed ('14)
  • IEEE Haptics Symposium Paper Reviewed ('14)
  • IASDR (International Association of Societies of Design Research) Paper Reviewed ('13)
  • NordiCHI Full Paper Reviewed ('14)
  • APCHI (Asia Pacific CHI) Short Paper Reviewed ('12)
  • AH (Augmented Human) Short Paper Reviewed ('14)

Master/Ph.D Thesis Committee

  • 2019: 김경진, 이한별, 정영철, 한가을, Murillo, 이소연, 박용준, MD Rasel (Master), 이송일 (Ph.D)
  • 2018: 노보람, 이경룡, 이광영, 김태완, 조봉조, 정기혁, Kuatbek (Master)
  • 2017: 임지현, 강래성 (Master)