Reddot Award 2021

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A design project called "MoMo" about a new audio docent product for art galleries has won Reddot Award 2021! Congratulations! Designers of MoMo are, Sungwon Jang, Jiyoung Lee, Prof. Hwang Kim and Prof. Young-Woo Park. Details are here.



DIS 2021 & iF Award

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Our research about tangible privacy has been accepted and presented at ACM DIS (Designing Interactive Systems) 2021 as a full paper! Congratulations! The paper's title is, "The Trial of Posit in Shared Offices: Controlling Disclosure Levels of Schedule Data for Privacy by Changing the Placement of a Personal Interactive Calendar", and the authors are Nari Kim, Juntae Kim, Bomin Kim and Prof. Young-Woo Park. Details are here.



Also, TOQUE, a pass-box design for Covid-19 quarantine ward pass box has won iF Award 2021, Professional Concept. This work was done in collaboration with Prof. Chajoong Kim's research team (Kwangmin Cho, Minhyuk Choi and Yongjun Park) at UNIST and Prof. Tek-Jin Nam at KAIST; with Nari Kim and Prof. Young-Woo Park of IPD Lab at UNIST.



Interacting w Computers

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Research on the design and field deployment of Maili, an interactive artifact for rematerializing e-mail data and interaction, has been accepted to Interacting with Computers Journal (SCIE). Congratulations! Details are now updated and those are in the following link. http://ipd.unist.ac.kr/works/maili/

Maili IWC

CHI 2021 paper

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Our full paper about the design and field study of an interactive artifact physically representing the intangible audiobook listening experience has been published as an ACM CHI 2021 paper. Congratulations! Authors are Kyung-Ryong Lee, Beom Kim, Junyoung Kim, Prof. Hwajung Hong, and Prof Young-Woo Park. Details are here: Link



Digital Creativity

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Digital Creativity
Our paper called, "Bringing the colour senses of personal photos to everyday living environment: the design and deployment of a tangible interactive lighting artifact" has been published to Digital Creativity Journal. The authors and details of this publication are as follows.

Boram Noh, Sangsu Jang, Kyungjin Kim & Young-Woo Park (2020) Bringing the colour senses of personal photos to everyday living environment: the design and deployment of a tangible interactive lighting artifact, Digital Creativity, 31:1, 114-132, DOI: 10.1080/14626268.2020.1764978

LightPalette Details - Link


Digital Creativity is a major peer-reviewed journal at the intersection of the creative arts, design, and digital technologies. It publishes articles of interest to those involved in the practical task and theoretical aspects of making or using digital media in creative disciplines. Digital Creativity is abstracted/indexed in: ARTbibliographies Modern; Computer Science Index; Current Abstracts; Educational Research Abstracts Online; Educational Technology Abstracts; Ergonomics Abstracts Online; OCLC; SCOPUS; Thomson Reuters: Arts & Humanities Citation Index (A&HCI).

DIS 2020 paper

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Our paper entitled, "DayClo: An Everyday Table Clock Providing Interaction with Personal Schedule Data for Self-reflection" has been accepted to In Proceedings of DIS'20, ACM Press (Eindhoven, Netherlands, July 6-10, 2020).


This paper is about the design and development of an everyday table clock representing and providing tangible interaction with personal schedule data. A month field study was conducted with 8 participants, findings, and implications regarding personal data, schedule, and tangible clock artifact are described in the paper. The authors are "Lee, K-R., Ju, S., Dzhoroev, T., Goh, G., Lee, M-H., Park, Y-W"


Red Dot & G Mark Award

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Our design work - 'Soldi' - an everyday soldering stationery has won a Red Dot Award 2019 in Professional Design Concept category, and selected as a winner of G-mark (Good Design Award) 2019. In addition, Soldi is invited to be exhibited at Dubai Design Week 2019 - Global Grad Show.

Soldi is a daily soldering stationery designed for makers who enjoy DIY activities in their daily life. Soldi consists of three parts: 1) station, 2) wireless soldering pen and 3) plate. The station and pen can be used independently, and the plate provides a work space for soldering on any type of desks. Through this, we want to make the soldering experience to be more friendly in everyday lives.

For more details, please refer to this link: Soldi




DIS’19 Honorable Mention

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Our muRedder paper was selected to receive a Honourable Mention for Best Paper award (Top 2%) at ACM DIS 2019. muRedder will be also present in the Demo session. Details of muRedder can be found here


Congratulations!  We are writing to let you know that your DIS 2019 paper titled, “muRedder: Shredding Speaker for Ephemeral Musical Experience,” has been selected as an award recipient for DIS. The paper has received a Honourable Mention for Best Paper award, which is being given out to the top 2% of papers at DIS this year.

Your paper will be recognized for the award at the conference and within the conference proceedings.  Thank you for your hard work and strong contribution to the DIS community.


2 papers accepted@DIS'19

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Two papers (including one demo) are accepted at the ACM Designing Interactive Systems 2019 Conference in San Diego (DIS 2019).

Contributed authors of each papers include Master students (Current & Alumni) of IPD Lab., and our awesome research collaborator at Loughborough Design School.


DIS 2019 will take place at San Diego, California, USA from June 25 to 29.

Details of our papers and design artifacts: muRedder and Monomizo.




'19 LG U+ 산학장학생

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연구실 박사과정 4년차 김준태 학생이 높은 경쟁률을 뚫고, LG U+ 산학장학생으로 선발 되었습니다. 첫 박사급 LG 산학장학생이며, IPD 연구실에서만 선발된 5 번째 LG 산학장학생입니다. 김준태 학생은 남은 박사과정 기간 동안 LG로 부터 매달 장학금을 지급 받게되며, 졸업 후 LG U+로 즉시 입사하게 됩니다. 축하합니다!

Juntae Kim, who is third year Ph.D student of IPD Lab. have been selected as '19 LG U+ scholarship student through winning quite high competition rate. It's our lab's first time for Ph.D level LG scholarship of IPD Lab., and until now total five students have been selected to this LG scholarship program. He will receive a scholarship from LG every month during the Ph.D period, and will join LG U+ right after graduation. Congratulations!

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